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Milo went to college, and ALL was born. Rather than quietly lay down their tools and fade into legend, Bill Stevenson, Stephen Egerton and Karl Alvarez formed an offshoot band from the Descendents called ALL.

The band first saw singer Dave Smalley in some of the earlier albums such as ‘Allroy Sez’ and ‘Allroy For Prez’. Smalley later gave way to singer Scott Reynolds who appeared on the ablums ‘Allroy’s Revenge’, ‘Trailblazer’, ‘Allroy Saves’, ‘Tony All/Old Girl New Story’, ‘Percoolator’, and ‘Dot’. Once Scott moved on, current singer Chad Price stepped in. Who played on there albums 'Breaking Things', 'Pummel', 'Mass Nerder', 'Problematic', and the live album 'Live Plus One'. History lesson out of the way

so yeah, ALL is bad ass, not up to the greatness of Descendents, but great none the less. They have a really cool blend of jazz-esque instrumentation and punk

Favorite Song:Just like them

Favorite album: Allroy Saves

Favorite Member: Bill Stevenson

First song I hear: Pretty Little Girl

Merch: Nothing

Least favorite album: Allroy Sez (It’s pretty week, for All that is)


Dave Smalley-Era. 6/10

Scott Reynolds-era: 8/10

Chad Price-era: 7/10

Great band, Check them out

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